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Look at what travel health providers are saying about their experience.

Comments About the Course:


★ "I really like the overall tone and pace of the course.  Starting off with the trip around the world was such a great way to view the overall picture and drive home the point that travel health is more than just vaccines." 
Charlotte Katzin, Nurse manager,  Health Services,  UT at Austin

★ “The course was very well written and taught. I could feel her experience come through. She is a born teacher.”
 Sirri Nomo-Ongolo, MD, PhD

★ “Excellent course! I will recommend it to others interested in this field.  I am opening a travel clinic, so all information presented here is applicable.”
Jay Gladstein, M.D., Global Healthcare, Inc., Los Angeles, CA 

★ “Great!  This has really helped me as I work with travel patients at an urgent care”
Tal Roberts, RN, Boca Regional Urgent Care, Boca Raton FL         

★ "I thought it was a very practical and useful, informative course."
Dr. Constance Hiller. MD, Brown University

★ “This course serves as the spring-board for my career in travel health nursing.  Though I have been doing travel consults for some time, I have learned quite of few things that will enhance my travel consultations with my patients.”
Sarah Beard, RN, BSN

★ I endorse the Travel Health 101 web course as a way to be sure all of the healthcare providers in our organization are equally aware of what they need to know to see international travelers.  Lynne Bunnell’s experience in travel health and her personable style of teaching enrich this thorough introduction to the body of knowledge.
Alla Kirsch, M.D., National Medical Director, Travel Clinics of America

 The case presentations were the best part of the course. They really gave me a feeling of how I should approach that first patient.
Richard, MD at Travel Clinics of America

 “I am the immunization nurse @ Campus health service @ U of A and this information is/will be used on a daily basis in my office. I have only been involved in travel health for about 1 year. I am sorry I did not have this on-line course when I first started in travel health.”
Amy D., R.N., B.S.N., Immunization nurse
Campus Health Service at University of Arizona

★ "This presentation was well organized, current, informational  and provided me with exactly what I need to start working in our travel clinic—Thank you!”
Maria Pringle, ARNP, Iowa State University

★ Thanks for emailing the 'correct' answers for the post test and the rationale. All too often I do these CME programs and while I learn the correct responses, the rationale is lacking. I appreciate your time and the program in and of itself was truly one of the most interesting lately."

★  I really enjoyed this course.  Being able to complete the modules at my convenience was helpful. 
Ellen, NP

★  Lots of material packaged very nicely and broken down by system.  Easy to follow, not overwhelming.  
Ami, MD

★ This was a wonderful way to perfect travel medicine skills! Pertinent clinical information and very participant friendly format.  Speaker was wonderful in her experience and commentary.
Catherine, PA

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You will have 2 months of access to the 7.5 hours of course material and will be able to print out handouts to save. You will also be able to contact Lynne Bunnell by email or phone if you have questions as you take the course.

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