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We want to spread the word so that more
people travel with good health preparation.

Travel Health 101 LLC is a company dedicated to the provision of basic travel health information for international travelers and health care providers. Our goal is to lessen the repeat work for providers in their travel clinics while giving basic common sense health information to travelers. Additionally, our company has a role in consulting with and educating health care professionals just starting to provide travel health care in their clinics.


Where does an idea come from? It can be hard to pin point inspiration but here's Lynne Bunnell's story of how she got the ball rolling for Travel Health 101.

"The original idea for the Travel Health 101™ Traveler Video grew out of my need for help.

I was running a travel clinic, seeing 5-10 travelers a day and I began to lose my voice to laryngitis. I was concerned because no one else in my clinic knew how to do pre-travel consultations. I borrowed a video camera from the health education dept of the clinic, and taped myself going through my handouts to save my voice for the patient interviews.

I apologized to my patients that I would have them watch a video, but then people said they liked it. So I kept using it even after I felt better because I found that it saved me a lot of time. I subsequently produced and marketed a smoother version of the tape in the mid-1990s and some clinics are still using that tape.

As the course and video have evolved we moved to online delivery and we are able to support many travel health care providers all over the world.

The visual format is accessible to all types of learners. The images help travelers remember the information. Some people learn best by listening and others by watching, and with our video the visual graphics are timed to reinforce the narration and engage every viewer."

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L Bunnell

Lynne Bunnell, RN
President / CEO • Travel Health 101 LLC

Lynne Bunnell has been a travel healthcare provider since the mid 1980's with extensive experience in pre-travel immunizations, counseling and teaching. She consults with organizations regarding travel health educational concerns of their healthcare staff and employees who travel internationally. Based on her clinical and teaching experience, she created the Travel Health 101 web course for healthcare providers and developed the online traveler video presentation to educate travelers.

Before establishing Travel Health 101 LLC in 2009, she managed International Health at a major New York corporation for a decade. And prior to that, she developed and ran a travel clinic for a 250-provider health care organization in Madison, WI. Among her writing projects was Shoreland's Clinic Guide, a reference book for people starting travel clinics.

Lynne is an active member of the International Society of Travel Medicine and passed their exam for a Travel Health Certificate of Knowledge. A graduate of Wellesley College and Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, Lynne is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable educator in the area of travel health care.

L Bunnell

Tracy Fox
Chief Operating Officer • Travel Health 101 LLC

Tracy has over 20 years of experience with digital media, design and training.  Over the last 15 years, her focus has been on online education/training modules. Her creative problem-solving and strategic planning skills, along with her attention to detail, helps assure that our Travel Health Educational tools enhance the services of the healthcare providers they serve.  Her consulting responsibilities include website development, company branding, project development, oversees software programming and contributing to the marketing plan of the Travel Health 101 products and websites.

Before working with TH101, she designed internal training portals, online programs, and training presentations for several major corporations.  Her creative approach to developing engaging solutions for all learners enables her to develop visual strategies to reinforce learning.  Taking the comprehensive content developed by Lynne, she uses a multi-layer approach and combines audio, visuals and on-screen text to effectively facilitate learning and enhance viewer retention.   She listens to our clients, offering solutions and ideas on how to integrate our tools into their varied practices.  Working toward the mission of education, she continues to improve the Travel Health 101 services.  Behind the scenes, she oversees site architecture, site updates and develops the framework that supports our user accounts. 

She is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art where she earned a BFA in Photography.  She also earned her MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. 




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