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Provider Comments :


★"Lynne Bunnell's patient counseling presentation has increased my capability to see patients by 50%. Using it has streamlined the efficiency of my office, and the teaching is up-to-date and thorough, so I feel confident my patients are getting the same information I myself would give them. And my patients enjoy it."

★" I would like to thank Lynne Bunnell for the excellent online presentation, Travel Health 101. The feedback from my patients is wonderful. I used to cover this material at the time of the visit, but you could see people glazing over as there is so much information and they were many times nervous about getting immunizations and were not really listening. Now they have the opportunity to listen at a convenient time and replay it if necessary."
--Eileen Klecka, RN, Arcadia Physicians Travel Clinic, Phoenix, AZ

★ "This presentation is an excellent video for foreign travelers. It is essential information for them and answers many of their questions so it saves time for the counselor during clinic visits and helps us offer high quality care to our clients."

★"My long-time colleague, Lynne Bunnell, has developed an on-line health education program, short and sweet and meant to enhance the travel office visit experience with succinct advice regarding healthy behaviors while traveling. I recommend it because it is so short, easy, accessible and inexpensive. Lynne's a very experienced educator."
--Laurie Bank, FNP, Williamstown, MA


Traveler Comments


★"Very informative. Many things I hadn't thought of. Excellent video."

★"Well done! Have traveled internationally, but excellent refresher. I especially appreciated comments regarding passport and health document copies. Also the review of what is/is not safe to eat."

★"I think everyone who is traveling should see this video!"

★"Good overall reminders + raises awareness"

★"Best tip: Travel by air and insect bites sections were informative."

★"Found it very helpful!"

★"I don't see any improvement to be made. I found the presentation informative."

★"This is a good overall travel summary."

★"The information is very clear."

★"It's good information with basic tips about staying healthy."

★"Nice presentation."

★ "I don't see any improvement to be made. I found the presentation informative."

★"I thought it was very beneficial."

★"Is this available to give to relatives and immediate family? My in laws want to go to Argentina soon."

★"I liked that I could watch this at home because of my busy pre-travel schedule."

★"Good reminders"

Web Course For Clinics and Corporations
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The monthly subscription includes unlimited use of the video presentation in a single clinic plus you can sign up travelers for home access.

Travelers may access the site for 45 days or 15 logins, whichever comes first.


NY State Subscribers:
$24.95 + tax

Basic Access

If you prefer to pay yearly please contact us and we will send you an invoice.



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